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artonus - producer of cases for musical instruments
artonus - cases for violin makers instruments
artonus - cases for musical instruments
custodia per violino, custodia per viola, custodia per violoncallo
geigenkasten, bratschenkasten, cellokoffer, gitarrenkoffer
violin case, viola case, cello case, guitar case
futerał na skrzypce, futerał na altówkę, futerał na wiolonczelę
online shop violin case
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Our offer of cases for guitars is focused on classical guitar cases.

We pay attention to fulfilling all of instruments demands by our product.

Features of cases made of different materials you will find in
It’s worth to know those informations.

We hope that you will find in our offer fatnastic case that fulfills your needs and instrument demands.

classical guitar case Andaz
(reinforced foam plastic)

acoustic guitar case FPGD
(reinforced foam plastic)

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tel./fax: +48 74 868 25 93 e-mail:
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