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artonus - cases for musical instruments
custodia per violino, custodia per viola, custodia per violoncallo
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violin case, viola case, cello case, guitar case
futerał na skrzypce, futerał na altówkę, futerał na wiolonczelę
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cello case - Resonat
cello case - Resonat - colour M-AM
cello case - Resonat - colour M-BL
cello case - Resonat - colour M-PR
cello case - Resonat - colour M-PU
cello case - Resonat - colour M-RD
cello case - Resonat - colour M-WT

Cello case made of fiberglass that can be transported using wheels.

It’s produced in wide range of metallic colours. It has very convinient back straps fixed in 6 places, what makes it stable and seem even lighter. Outside of the cello case is finished with attractive shine, what can make it more liable to scratches and similar damages. This case for cello is made for people who can easily take care of used objects.

  • for cello 4/4
  • construction of fiberglass
  • weight without additional equipment: 5,60 kg
  • outside dimensions: 135 cm x 50 cm x 33 cm
  • the shape of cello
  • interior lined by a soft velor
  • inner pocket for rosin and accessories
  • velcro strap for cello neck
  • hygrometer
  • fastened cello spike using of rubber tape
  • place for two bows
  • three comfortable handles for transport in different positions
  • the wheels allowing for lathing the instrument on the pavement
  • back straps attached at six points
  • locks and other metal parts chromed
  • locks closed with a key
  • sheet music bag with extra support of the case
  • 6 colouristic versions
  • made in PRC

PL 57-300 KŁODZKO, Stary Wielisław 32a tel./fax: +48 74 868 25 93 e-mail: artonus@artonus.com
tel./fax: +48 74 868 25 93 e-mail: artonus@artonus.com
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