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         To use a humidifier mounted in a ARTONUS case is necessary to use refills and water specifically designed for this purpose. The refills are replaceable elements of humidifiers. They are made with a specific type of foam that maintains a water gradually emit moisture to ensure proper humidity inside the case.
         Systematic soaking of refills of the humidifier keeps in your case the proper humidity for musical instruments. Disposable filling is enough for about 2 weeks, if the case will be opened occasionally, in order to draw or insert the instrument. If the case is left open permanently, you must reckon with a very fast drying of refill.  
wkłady do nawolżaczy stosowanych w futerałach Artonus
         For drenching refills, it is not recommended to use ordinary water as this may result with  molding or fungal attack not only to the humidifier, but also to the entire interior of the case.
         It is desirable to use water of bactericidal and fungicidal properties – known as "Silver Hygro" - offered by our company.

         Included in the "Silver Hygro" ionic silver nano-particle is extremely effective against bacteria and fungi, while remaining safe for humans. The product does not have any other chemical additives.
         The usuge in the humidifier of ordinary water is not prohibited, but in this case, the manufacturer will not be responsible for the state of the case.

"srebrna woda" do napełniania nawilżaczy - grzybobójcza i bakteriobójcza

In order to refill:

1. Fill the water into a suitable container, which seats the refill.

sposób napełniania nawilżacza w futerałach Artonus

2. From the case, remove the movable part of the humidifier.

otwieranie obudowy nawilżacza w futerale Artonus

3. On the surface of the water put your refill to the humidifier.
Do not press, wait about 15 seconds until he is immersed.                                                  
nasączanie wkładów do nawilżacza w futerale Artonus
nasączanie wkładów do nawilżacza w futerale Artonus

4. Gently pull it out from the water and leave it on the dry surface to excess water intrinsically drips.
Do not squeeze! It may be possible for a few seconds to put it on a handkerchief.
nasączanie wkładów do nawilżacza w futerale Artonus
nasączanie wkładów do nawilżacza w futerale Artonus

5. Carefully insert the refill into the movable part of the humidifier.  
zamykanie obudowy nawilżacza w futerale Artonus
zamykanie obudowy nawilżacza w futerale Artonus

6. Close humidifier with refill.  
zamykanie obudowy nawilżacza w futerale Artonus

NOTE: Refills to the humidifier are very fragile and they must be handled very gently.

         To use the humidifier should be removed from the case of moisture absorbent (silica gel).
          Any refill to the humidifier can be repeatedly used, but considering that this is a very delicate element, has a limited lifespan. Supply of refills and supply of "Silver Hygro" is attached to each new case. They can also be purchased directly from the company ARTONUS.

         If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly answer for all your questions.
PL 57-300 KŁODZKO, Stary Wielisław 32a tel./fax: +48 74 868 25 93 e-mail:
tel./fax: +48 74 868 25 93 e-mail:
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