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violin case MEZZO

small-size violin case in universal size


A light, rectangular violin case made of polycarbonate and ABS composite.

One of the cheaper cases made of plastic, made in an economic version. The set has a shoulder straps and a bag for notes attached to the case with snaps. The case can be closed with combination locks. A variety of colors with the texture of a fabric weave or imitation of hair. The surface of the violin case covered with a layer of polycarbonate makes it less sensitive to mechanical damage than glass fiber laminates. However, to maintain a beautiful shiny surface, care for the used case is required.
futerał na skrzypce Mezzo
futerał na skrzypce Mezzo
futerał na skrzypce Mezzo
futerał na skrzypce Mezzo
futerał na skrzypce Mezzo
futerał na skrzypce Mezzo

  • for violin 4/4
  • composite structure of polycarbonate and ABS
  • weight without additional equipment: 2,30 kg
  • outside dimensions: 82 cm x 29 cm x 14,5 cm
  • attractive rectangular shape
  • interior lined by a soft velor
  • inside a sachet for rosin and accessories
  • velcro strap for violin neck
  • two swivel bow holders
  • hygrometer
  • instrument blanket
  • comfortable handle covered in leather
  • the second handle for holding the case in vertical
  • shoulder strap – back straps
  • combination locks
  • music bag clipped with snaps to the case
  • 5 colouristic versions
  • made in PRC

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tel./fax: +48 74 868 25 93 e-mail:
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