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silver water to humidifier



If you have a case brand ARTONUS and you are using stated in it the humidifier, you will need a supply of water intended for this purpose.

For use in the humidifiers inside your cases it is not recommended to use ordinary water, because this may result in molding or fungi not only to the humidifier but also to the entire interior of the case. It is appropriate to use water of bactericidal properties – offered by us, so called “silver water”.

Offered preparation is used for soaking refills placed in the humidifier inside ARTONUS cases. Humidifies the air while protecting against the development of bacteria and fungi in the humidifier and the whole case.

Systematic soaking of refills for the humidifier with "silver water" can preserve the proper humidity in case for musical instruments.

Content: Non-molecule nonionic colloid of silver (concentration=1ppl (0,0001%)) consisting of de-ionized  water of high quality and high quality and nano-molecule metallic silver 4N purity silver(=.9999)

General Information: Non-ionic silver nano-molecule is extremely effective against bacteria and fungi, while remaining safe for humans. The product does not have any other chemical additives.
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