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violin case ARABESCA-S


Stylized, rectangular case for violin.

Not much weight, elegant accesories, comfortable handle, and good protection are only a few of it’s advantages. The original interior of the violin case is made of soft suede and a jacquard paisley fabric. Style of the case emphazes exterior metal elements in gold colour. Inside are two capacious compartments for accesories and four bow holders. The violin case is made for people who have sense of aesthetics, appreciate beauty of their instrument, and want the case to emphase it.
violin case Arabesca-S
  • for violin 4/4
  • fashionable design
  • interior lined by a soft chamois fabric
  • construction of expanded polystyrene
  • approximate weight without additional equipment: 2,20 kg
  • outside dimensions: 82 cm x 28 cm x 16 cm
  • exclusive finish
  • classic rectangular shape
  • fastening for violin neck on thongs
  • hygrometer
  • place for four bows
  • external pocket for scores
  • instrument blanket
  • inside two hiding places for rosin, small things and shoulder rest
  • shoulder strap – back straps
  • comfortable handle covered in leather
  • the second handle for holding the case in vertical
  • the cover fastened  by zipper
  • additional key lock
  • metal components in gold
  • 2 colouristic versions
  • made in PRC

violin case ArtMG model Arabesca-S colour CB
violin case ArtMG model Arabesca-S colour GG
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