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Viola cases same as cases for other instruments are made by different technologies and with different materials.

Informations about a variety of materials you can find in

Choosing proper viola case demands not only taking under consideration how is the case made but also dimentions of owned instrument. Violas occurs in wide range of sizes – from small ones almost like a violin, for students, to very big ones, masters, close size to the smallest cellos. All of cases for viola in our offer have an adjustment but any case is good for every single viola.

We hope that our every client will found an adequate case for their needs and demands of an instrument.

viola case Cartado
for viola 15,5”-17”
(expanded polystyrene)

viola case Neva
for viola 15”-16,5”
(reinforced foam plastic)

viola case Matero
for viola 16”-17,5”
(reinforced foam plastic)

viola case Grada
model "GRADA"
for viola 14”-15,5”
(fiberglass laminate)

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