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violin case BARDO


This model of a violin case construction is based on QUART.

Its glamorous inside is, similarly to ELIPE model, composed with two kinds and two colours of material. Keeping all of advantages of mentioned models of violin cases it also has cover made of durable material, and coloured piping that makes style of the case. Embroided signature of its name placed inside of the case for violin decorates and characterizes.
violin case - Artonus Bardo
violin case - Artonus Bardo - colour CbB
violin case - Artonus Bardo - colour CeZ
violin case - Artonus Bardo - colour CgG
violin case - Artonus Bardo - colour CrR
violin case - Artonus Bardo - colour CsO
  • for violin 4/4
  • weight without additional equipment: 2,09 kg
  • outside dimensions: 82,5 cm x 28,5 cm x 15,5 cm
  • construction of hardened foam plastic
  • good shock absorption
  • great thermal insulation
  • elegant fashionable design
  • cover made of durable fabric
  • covered zipper
  • interior lined by soft velvet and chamois leather
  • velcro strap for violin neck
  • hygrometer
  • humidifier
  • two bow holders
  • soft cover for a shoulder rest
  • covering with embroidered name signature
  • compartment for rosin and small items
  • pocket for scores
  • safe system of handle
  • the second handle for holding the case in vertical
  • water and supply of refills to humidifier
  • shoulder strap / back straps
  • transparent tube for strings
  • metal parts nickel plated on dark
  • 5 colouristic versions

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