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warranty for cases

case for violin -produkt of artonus - warranty

Each of our products is subject to strict quality control. The company ARTONUS ensures correct operation of cases for musical instruments and proper fulfillment of their functions. We strive to design cases in order to eliminate creation of any faults during use and extend their lifespan. However, in the case of disclosure of any defects resulting from poor quality of raw materials, technological errors or manufacturing faults, we will repair it free of charge.

Warranty does not cover:
  • damage resulting from improper use and use misuse of aid
  • damage caused as a result of excessive mechanical actions (strikes, tears, abrasions, crushing, etc.).
  • damage caused by exposure to chemical agents (solvents, abrasives, etc.).
  • damage caused by natural disasters and misfortunes
  • damage caused as a result of modernization and interference with customer design case
  • damage caused by incorrect storage (dampness, to high temperature)
  • damage caused as a result of ignoring minor faults and negligence by the user (if the error occurs case was still operated)
  • natural wear and tear

User is obliged to due care for the case, continuous monitoring of its condition and use it according to the common sense. In the event of occurrence any defects or malfunctions in cases, you should stop using it and ask for the warranty repair or non-warranty repair. In particular, you should not use your case with damages, which could lead to damage to located inside your valuable instrument.

ARTONUS' liability towards the buyer is limited to repair its case, the defects have been disclosed within 24 months from the date of purchase, and in the absence of repair for free replacement of the product free of defects. Complaints may be reported both to the distributor or directly to the company ARTONUS by e-mail

All responsibility for the condition of the instrument transported and stored in the brand  ARTONUS’ case is borne by the owner or user, regardless of the nature of damage. Taking care of the correct condition of your case will guard against unwanted events, as well as greatly extend its life and provide to the user a lot of satisfaction.

The warranty is valid only with proof of purchase.

We appreciate any opinions on our products also those negative. All customers who will share with us your comments about the quality and functionality of our products, as well as ideas for their continuous improvement we will be very grateful. For this purpose, please contact us by e-mail.

Wishing you full satisfaction from the use of our products

PL 57-300 KŁODZKO, Stary Wielisław 32a tel./fax: +48 74 868 25 93 e-mail: artonus@artonus.com
tel./fax: +48 74 868 25 93 e-mail: artonus@artonus.com
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