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violin case DELLA


The cheapest model of a case for violin.

It’s very light and meets basic protection. It also contains separated space for a shoulder rest. The violin case is suitable for beginners or as a temporary solution.
violin case Della
violin case Della - colour BB
Colouring BB
violin case Della - colour CB
Colouring CB
violin case Della - colour CZ
Colouring CZ
violin case Della - colour GG
Colouring GG
  • for violin 4/4
  • interior lined by a soft chamois fabric
  • construction of expanded polystyrene
  • weight without additional equipment: 0,94 kg
  • outside dimensions: 80 cm x 27,5 cm x 14 cm
  • shape close to the triangle
  • velcro strap for violin neck
  • place for two bows
  • external pocket for scores
  • inside compartments for rosin and accessories and compartment for a shoulder rest
  • back straps
  • plastic handle
  • the cover fastened  by zipper
  • 3 colouristic versions
  • made in PRC

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