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our passion is the production of cases for violin-making instruments

Welcome to our website.

ARTONUS is a brand with over 35 years of tradition. We specialize in producing cases for musical instruments. Thanks to our high quality products, we have gained the recognition of many customers in the markets of Europe, Asia and America. We encourage all who are seeking the case for their instrument to familiarize yourself with our offer.

We recommend CASES section, where you can get to know all about wide range of cases for string musical instruments- violins, violas, cellos and guitars . Our offer is dedicated to music students as well as professional musicians.

modern, solid and exclusive cases for violin-making instruments

Worthy of recommanding are insulating cases of hardened foam - entirely manufactured in Poland - models CADEM+, CADEM-SPORT, GEESTON, GEESTON-FRESCO, SABBIA, QUART, QUART-GALANT, QUART-BARDO, ELIPE, NEVA, MATERO and ANDAZ. Particular advantages of these cases are extremely high thermal insulation, good shock absorption, practicality of usage and durability.

In our offer there are also cases that are imported, made of polystyrene, plywood and hard materials - laminates from fiberglass, carbon and ABS.

For customers who already have cases ARTONUS, we can recommend additions which are located in the ACCESSORIES section, they are useful in the exploitation of their cases: silver water and refills to humidifier, shoulder straps and backpack straps for cases, to carry the case and additional bags for sheet music.

We also recommend INSTRUCTIONS, section, where you can get to know all about handling, exploitation and maintenance of our products.

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tel./fax: +48 74 868 25 93 e-mail:
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